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As a leading Pretoria East law firm, we appreciate that dealing with legal issues can be stressful. Our aim is to ensure that you have peace of mind while our professional lawyers fight your legal battles for you.

Our expert attorneys are reliable and compassionate, and will help you through the legal system.

Divorce Attorney

divorce lawyer attorney pretoria

The decision to get a divorce is never easy. It’s a painful, stressful and highly emotional experience for most. It’s very easy to make poor decisions without the help of a committed, honest and experienced attorney.

Family Law

family law laywer attorney pretoria

Family Law encompasses many areas of law that may have significant impact on our lives – such as divorce, child custody, child support and adoption. During these very difficult times, individuals seek the help of a family lawyer.

Child Custody

child custody lawyer attorney pretoriaIn many divorces, issues of child support and child custody and child support are often the most bitter, aggressive and painful battles. It’s only natural that you may want to maximize the amount of time in your child’s life and if necessary, keep any and all harmful and dangerous influences away.

Child Support

child support lawyer attorney pretoria

In family law court, children are often the focus of the financial legal battle. How does a working parent support their child? Where will the financial resources come for education, health, food and everything else?